Just Another Drill Night!
By Lt Bill Cummings
August 9, 2018

This week’s drill scenario provided a challenge for our firefighters and rescue technicians! Crews were tasked to rescue a trapped occupant of a vehicle in a “precarious” position! Thinking outside of the box, we could only access the victim from above, the aerial and portable ladders were out of play.

Crews developed an action plan and assembled rope rescue, and extrication equipment and headed to the roof. Two Arizona Vortex artificial high directionals and two twin-tensioned rope systems using MPDs were setup. Rescuers were attached to the rope systems using double long-tail bowlines and lowered to the vehicle. The first group lowered removed glass, the second group lowered used the Hurst eDRAULIC cutters to remove/flap the roof to allow access to the “victim” and the last group performed the “rescue”.

The drill exposed some of our newer members to new tools and techniques and helped refresh different skills for some of our more experienced members. The scenario was completed within two hours.

Fun Training Never Ends!