Friday Evening Vehicle Rescue
By Watchdesk
November 2, 2018

Around 8:00pm on Friday evening, as West Chester University’s Homecoming Weekend was beginning, Stations 51 and 53 were dispatched along with Station 55 EMS to the 800 block of S. New Street in East Bradford Twp for an accident with entrapment. QRS 58 (WCU EMS) and Assistant 53 (Mark Scanlon) arrived and reported a two vehicle accident with one vehicle on its side and three people trapped inside. Because multiple people were injured additional EMS units were requested to treat and transport them. Rescue 53 (Lt. Helmke) arrived and quickly went to work. They stabilized the overturned vehicle utilizing Paratech Rescue Struts and cribbing. Crews then started working on removing the roof to gain access to the trapped victims. Engine 51-2 provided a charged hoseline to protect the scene and secure hazards. Engine and Squad 53 provided additional rescue technicians to assist Rescue 53’s crew. HURST eDraulic tools as well as additional equipment were used by our rescue technicians to remove the roof. The injured occupants were extricated and turned over to awaiting EMS crews. The victims were transported to area hospitals and trauma centers for care. Rescue 53 remained on scene to assist WCBPD with their investigation, the remaining WCFD units returned to station after being released by Chief 52 (Jon Stafford), the incident commander. The cause of the accident is under investigation. This is yet another example of the teamwork of the WCFD.

Units: Rescue 53, Engine 51-2, Engine 53, Squad 53, Assistant 53, Assistant 51, Chief 53 and Station 55 EMS Units
Mutual Aid: Multiple EMS and local PD
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