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Fame, as part of the West Chester Fire Department, is honored to be recognized by Fig West Chester as its 2016 Social Mission Partner! For more information, please visit http://figwestchester.com/   

Fame Volunteers and the Chester County Rescue Task Force

ChesCo RTF-1 – is a specially trained and equipped rescue asset located in Chester County and available to respond anywhere in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Region.  Several of the leaders of the Rescue Task Force are from The Fame. The specialized technical rescue equipment that is stored at The Fame is vital to the Task Force’s operation.  It is in our best interest to keep this sensitive equipment close and accessible.

Problem is:  ChesCo RTF-1 equipment must be stored outside at Fame due to lack of space inside.


Catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin Missouri tornadoes and recent neighborhood gas leak explosions will have a deployment of a comparable Rescue Team such as the Fame.  Our Region needs this task force and the expertise that Fame offers.  In addition to any possible deployment, the company has its own redundancy in place.  If there is an additional need locally at the same time for the same emergency response; we are fortunate to have so many skilled volunteers to make the same quick response.


The Rescue Task Force has been called into action several times since its formation and the Fame has been an integral part of the team assisting in those difficult rescues.  The equipment needs to have a better storage place other than outside in the parking lot. With proper storage, the equipment can be easily maintained and ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Volunteer Training and Expertise

Fame is extensively trained in all aspects of firefighting and rescue emergencies. We were the First ALL-Volunteer Fire Company in Chester County to be 100% certified by the PA State Fire Commissioners Office and Fifth of 2500 fire departments to achieve this 100% certification. In PA, 90% of the fire stations are ALL- volunteer. Over 10,000 hours of training has been clocked by Fame members for four straight years, all during each volunteer’s spare time. We pride ourselves on recruiting and maintaining our volunteers.  We have had a steady 50-60 active firefighters on our roster at all times including students from our nearby college.


Our Top Notch Training Certifications from the State of PA:

  • Water Rescue – boating accidents, flood emergencies, high water situations.
  • Trench Rescue – often at a construction site.
  • Structural Collapse Rescue – rescuing people in a collapsed building.
  • Vehicle and Machinery/Extrication – from cars, train wrecks, machinery or other situations.
  • Confined Space Rescue – most often from spaces in industrial settings.
  • Advanced Technical Rescue – includes high angles in building or hazardous terrain.
  • Ice Rescue Technicians - rescues in and around local ponds and lakes.


Our Rescue Truck is State certified as a “Heavy Rescue”:

This distinction requires that the truck contain a vast list of specialized equipment and be re-certified periodically. The Fame was the FIRST Rescue Service in the Commonwealth to be certified as both an Advanced Heavy Rescue AND Water Rescue service.




Fame Fire Company is one of 8-10 fire companies in PA with a Level 2 Rescue certification.  Only 2 or 3 fire companies in PA hold a higher level.  The State of PA has 5 disciplines in which to certify:

  1. Confined Space Rescue,
  2. Advance Rope Rescue,
  3. Water Rescue,
  4. Trench Collapse Rescue and
  5. Structural Collapse Rescue.


The Fame’s Level 2 certification in the latter 3 disciplines gives us the distinction to be considered a “Pennsylvania Deployable Asset” when disasters strike anywhere in the State of PA.  Fame is an integral part of Chester County and the surrounding municipalities because of its equipment, leadership, and personnel training.  We are proud to be all-volunteer and maintain this level of certification.


Fame Loves Our Neighbors and Community:  

  • We perform fire prevention education to the children in our area schools throughout the year- not just during fire prevention week.
  • We enjoy participating in our community’s events, parades, and fairs.
  • Children love to see our trucks and firefighters so we host birthday parties and tours of our trucks and fire station. 



The current station built in 1973 cannot accommodate the diversity of emergency response equipment needed for the rescue operations Fame provides.

  • Equipment and Vehicle Storage Concerns
  • Lack of appropriate restroom, exercise and sleeping accommodations for the volunteers.
  • Outdated and Inefficient HVAC                       




Inside our Station. This is what we have currently in our station.  You will note that there is little room for anything other than apparatus and equipment. The lockers are tight and the gear for our firefighters is dangerously close to moving apparatus.

SOLUTION: A Renovated and Expanded Home for Fame

We propose to expand the current station by adding a two-story 8,000 square foot addition. We have adjusted and amended our plans so that we are adding just what we need. No bells and whistles, just the necessities for a proficiently run fire station well into the future.


Project budget:

The Campaign for Fame is a $2.5 million Capital Campaign that will raise funds to renovate and build a 2 story, 8,000 sq. ft. addition to the fire station. Contributions and pledges will be raised from individuals, foundations, corporations and businesses, organizations and government funding programs to create this critically-needed expansion.  The Fame Fire Company itself is committing $500,000 of its savings.

Cost Estimates:

Construction            $1,815,900

Furnishings              $     25,000

Consultant Fee         $     95,000

Administrative Fees $    25,000

Steel                           $      78,500

HVAC                        $      52,500

Floor/Fire Proofing $   318,000

                      Total  $ 2,409,900

Contingency (5%)   $       90,825



Ground Floor

  • 2 new bays for rescue apparatus capable of storing 3 trucks, 2 boats and a trailer.
  • New restroom facilities
  • Gear storage room with 60 lockers for firefighters
  • Work areas needed for maintaining and repairing equipment

Second Floor

  • Gender segregated bunk rooms for 8 firefighters
  • Four bunk rooms for student intern volunteers.
  • New restroom facilities equipped with showers
  • Fitness and lounge areas, recreation center, and a kitchenette
  • Training and meeting room
  • Administrative Offices

Energy Efficiency and Protection

  • Full sprinkler system will be installed throughout the building
  • Use of roofing shingles with a 25-year usage guarantee
  • High efficiency HVAC systems will be installed.


Contact Information:

Fame Fire Company of West Chester

Capital Campaign

200 East Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19382


Business Phone: 610-692-5404, (Mailbox) 8

Website: www.famefireco.org

Campaign Co-Chairs:

Bill Ronayne e-mail:  billr@bvhvac.com cell:  610-656-7774

Don Powers e-mail: don.powers@famefireco.org cell:  610-476-1919


Campaign Secretary

Dale Amway e-mail: FameCampaign53@gmail.com 




The Honorable Carolyn Comitta

Michael O'Rourke

the late Ralph  Watson



Don Powers                                                                                                       William W Ronayne

Campaign Co-Chair                                                                                          Campaign Co-Chair


Mark Sammarone                                                                                             Dale Amway

Honorary Treasurer                                                                                        Campaign Secretary


Robert Hall                                                                                                       Paul Carpenter

Corporate Gifts Co-Chair                                                                               Corporate Gifts Co-Chair


Michelle Venema                                                                                             Honorable Richard Yoder

Banking Gifts                                                                                                    Government Gifts


Tom Paxson                                                                                                       Timothy N. Bossert

Community Gifts                                                                                              Community Gifts


Matt Holliday                                                                                                     Jeannie McGinn

Community Gifts                                                                                               Public Relations


Ed Breiner                                                                                                           Al Kelly

Member                                                                                                               Member


Dawson R. Muth, Esq.                                                                                      George Zumbano, Esq.

Member                                                                                                              Member


Martin Helmke

Grant writer


Kevin Corcoran                                                                                                  Bill Cummings

Speakers Bureau                                                                                               Speakers Bureau/Board Gifts



Don Powers                                                                                                         Jim Leon

President                                                                                                             Trustee


Chris Corcoran                                                                                                    Robert Torrens

Vice President                                                                                                    Trustee


Julie McCarthy                                                                                                    Spencer Ring

Treasurer                                                                                                                Trustee


Dave Thomas                                                                                                          Greg Witmer

Assistant Treasurer                                                                                              Membership Secretary


Liz Fix                                                                                 Mark Scanlon

Secretary                                                                               Captain


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