Door Pop in West Goshen
By Lieutenant DJ Matthews
September 17, 2018

At 0905 Hours, CCFR alerted Station 53 and 52 for the report of an auto accident with entrapment. MICU55 requested the assignment as they had a sedan vs a tractor trailer with one patient trapped.

Rescue 53 arrived on location and split their crew to stabilize the vehicle and begin extrication efforts. Engine 52-1 arrived shortly after and provided manpower and assisted with controlling the hazards. Engine 53 arrived and provided additional support. Rescue 53 crew utilized the HURST eDraulics to remove the driver side door. During the collision, tubular steel from the trailer was impaled into the drivers area further confining the patient. After the door was removed, a SawZall was used to cut the steel.

The extrication was complete within 18 minutes from dispatched. The patient was transported to a local trauma hospital for further treatment.

The accident is currently under investigation by the West Goshen Township Police Department.

Units: Rescue 53, Engine 53, Squad 53
Mutual Aid: Engine 52-1, Engine 51-2, Fire Police, 52PD