Training Never Ends at The Fame!
By Lieutenant Bill Cummings
May 4, 2019

Rope rescue was once again the topic for May's monthly technical rescue drill. We were provided the opportunity to conduct realistic training at a cliff area at The Quarry Swim Club. We trained on the two-rope offset rope rescue system. Crews assembled all necessary equipment and hiked up to the training site. Two Arizona Vortex tripods, (used as an artificial high directional), four 300' sections of life rope and two rope rigging bags were utilized. Members were assigned to one of two sides and had to establish anchor points and set up their cache of equipment. Twin-tensioned rope systems were rigged on each side and FF Drew Ring was attached to the end of the rope using double long-tail bowline knots. The two-rope offset rope rescue system may be quicker to setup and put into operation when compared to a traditional high-line rope system. Through a coordinated effort, a rescuer/victim can be safely moved from one side of a gap to the other with minimal equipment.

Fame is a member of the Chester County Rescue Task Force and functions in a support role for the High-Angle/Rope Rescue Group. Our rescue technicians and rescue specialists must maintain expert skill levels in rope rescue and train tirelessly to maintain those skills.

Units: Rescue 53, Utility 53